Countdown to Friday’s performance!

A few days left now for the choir’s first “paid gig” on Friday 17th October where we’ll be “the entertainment” at the Epsom Civic Society’s 75th anniversary dinner.  The concert programme is an eclectic mix, with something for everyone.  There are arrangements of pop classics, a few numbers from the best-known musicals, gospel and some classical arias all in the mix.  We will be joined by guest artists, mezzo-sopranos Elspeth Marrow and Amelya Goldy.  Dress rehearsal is on Wednesday evening (8pm warm-up and 8.15 start.  Please arrive just before 8 if you can?)  We’d love to have an audience to perform to so please invite family and friends to come along for a “freebie” concert (NB. Elspeth and Amelya cannot make the dress rehearsal, they will only be there on Friday night.) The singers have worked really hard over a number of months now, leading up to this performance and I know they are going to blow the audience away with their beautiful harmonies!  It will be an immensely proud moment for this fledgling conductor and no doubt for all the wonderful singers too.  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication – you’re a terrific choir!  Helen X