1. I love singing but I don’t think I’m very good. Can I still join your choir? Will I need to audition?
Please do come along and give it a try, we can give you some tips on how to improve your singing and see how you get on. Only in very exceptional circumstances, such as if someone is profoundly tone deaf, will we say “thanks, but no thanks.” I only audition for solo parts if there’s more than one singer who’d like to perform them.

2. Do you have to be Catholic to sing with the St Joseph’s Family Choir?
No you don’t. All are very welcome.

3. I’m not sure I can commit to weekly rehearsals, may I still join the choir?
Absolutely you can. We don’t expect everybody to be at rehearsals every single week of the year or indeed to sing at every mass. Turn up whenever you can and have fun singing. You can always do a bit of extra singing practice in the shower if you’ve missed any rehearsals.

4. Do I have to read music to sing in the choir?
No, we also teach the song parts by rote and once you’ve got the tune you can practise your line with the rehearsal aids that we provide you with. We’re always on hand to offer extra help if you need it with some of the more challenging pieces. Having said that, if you can sight-read all the better!

5. Do you only sing liturgical music?
Although we are first and foremost a church choir, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy other, non-liturgical music at singing days, choir festivals and local events. We’ll have a really fun, upbeat repertoire that includes Pop classics, medleys from musicals and popular choral arrangements.

6. Is there any cost involved?
No it’s all free. We supply all the music and the choir folders.