Other repertoire

Check out this beautiful piece “Christmas Sanctus” by American composer Lee Dengler. I’m hoping we can perform this as an ensemble piece with 3 or 4 voices to a part. The audio on this recording is a bit rough but you can get a good sense of what the piece is like from it. For a clean recording go here and click on “listen.”




I love this mash-up of two of my current, favourite songs.  What do you think?  Phil and Paul, would you be up for this? (Phil/Ed Sheeran song and Paul/Sam Smith song.)


I’ll be putting links up in this section of songs or choral pieces that I like and which I think could be arranged for choir to perform.  Please let me know what you think?

My favourite Christmas carol arranged by John Rutter. Merry Christmas to all choir members. Keep on singing in 2015 and beyond!


I found this version of the Hallelujah which I think would work brilliantly for a future Christmas performance (shame I didn’t come across these lyrics before!!)





Here are the words to the three numbers that we’re singing to backing tracks for the summer fair on June 28th.




Fairytale of New York: (don’t worry I’ve sanitised the lyrics in case we ever get to sing it.)

Something new we started learning on Thursday 10th Oct.

Here’s the arrangement sung by Alexandra Burke with a backing gospel choir.

Check out how effective this version of the Hallelujah is with just three voices!

And there’s this – for a fun finale at any performance (except 9.30 mass of course.)

New Taizé round I taught on Sunday 8th September, Cantate Domino Cantate Novum

Dominus Spiritus Est: http://youtu.be/1sYA984m1pk

Monkeying around….ee-ee oo-ooh!


Rachel, this one follows your (and Ben’s) suggestion. Today certainly felt like a perfect day in the sunshine!

All the stars are coming out tonight…..(don’t despair as it takes 20 seconds for the song to start while Howard gets to the microphone!)

Rule the World (without the 20 second delay, but I think you get an annoying ad!) http://youtu.be/KII1ruAfvsg?t=20s

Just out of interest, watch this version of “Can you feel the love tonight” by a 15-voice choir (singing starts at 12 seconds.) I’m wondering whether this might be something we could perform one day? I have the score for this arrangement by the way. http://youtu.be/D4B9Xqbd_1w?t=9s

Check out this version of “Lean on Me” by the Dublin Gospel choir.  Our arrangement of this song is quite similar to this one. http://youtu.be/-rvey8ThCVs?t=29s


Try to familiarise yourselves if you can with this medley from Les Miserables. There are 31 singers performing here, we will have that many and very possibly more! In the first clip, “Bring him home” is performed by four male voices. (I have four of our singers in mind for this number and will be inviting you to audition for this.) Enjoy the music. http://youtu.be/h0HGKOpCguM http://youtu.be/VFtMB2iaxqk

Here’s the Laudate Dominum ostinato: Here’s another one I think the choir could perform (outside mass of course.) In my SATB score the female solo you see here is performed by a tenor, so obviously notes are on a lower register (are you up for this Phil?) By the way you’ll just be singing not dancing….! http://youtu.be/o1xHIYPQCvI

Here’s a lovely, upbeat arrangement of the song Africa by Toto – this Slovenian choir in the clip has 52 members singing. It would be great if we could boost our numbers to sound this powerful eh? Rain and thunder? Yes, we can do that! http://youtu.be/yjbpwlqp5Qw?t=1m54s

Check out this performance of Hymn from Adiemus (everybody now “yeh yeh yeh yeh….”)