Singing day at St Joseph’s

b598cebe-d18f-439e-a21a-290a5451af8fIt was a pleasure to welcome back Ula Weber and Suzzie Vango from Vocal.Point at St Joseph’s for our annual, singing workshop. What an incredible team they are – fantastic motivators as well as top, vocal coaches.  They had us all  warmed up and moving around, singing in no time.  It was great to see so many faces having fun and getting so much out of it. There were some great 3-part songs taught and sung in record time in the afternoon (wow!) and you were all making such a beautiful sound too!

347ce5b1-36e0-443b-8ad8-ca15df991d39Ula and Suzzie complimented our singers throughout the day for making such a great sound – extra brownie points for learning the Polish song (yes, sung in Polish) so quickly. It was a wonderful opportunity to break from the norm at choir practice, learn new things, relax and enjoy each other’s company at a fantastic, team-building event.

Watch a clip of our final sing-song here:

Well done to all who came, it was great to see you.  Of course we would have preferred it if more people could attend but that’s not always possible.  They will be back for more next year (we may be holding it in the afternoon instead of morning next time to ensure it doesn’t clash with children’s sporting and other activities on a Saturday.)  I’ve had some great feedback from many of you already.

7e7d79dd-01b8-44e9-9cfb-e02109aca04bIt was a truly wonderful day and I’m already planning for the next one.  Thank you for taking part and contributing so much towards its success.