Charity concert, singing at mass and…..breathe!

Well what a week it’s been, kick-starting the choir’s 2014 programme. Straight into a run of rehearsals on Thursday evenings and Sundays in preparation for the charity concert in aid of “Faith in Action” on Friday 17th January. The choir was taking part in a programme bursting with musical talent including some top-notch, international, classical musicians. The hard work certainly paid off as we took to the stage and opened our set with a powerful a cappella rendition of “Over My Head” followed by a rocking, “Paddy on the Railway” which I’m told had the audience tapping their feet and singing along. In the second half we performed “My Life is in Your Hands” (which, despite the odd, stray clap during the chorus sounded wonderful) and we rounded off with the “Hallelujah” with a debut performance from our soloist Amanda. It was a real pleasure to have Claire Steele and some members of her choir singing with us too.

We sounded really, really good – the harmonies blended well together – and thanks to our resident sound engineer Peter Rose (hip, hip, hooray!) the sound was heard loud and clear in every corner of the church. You all looked like a smart choir and sounded like one too. Your efforts were hugely appreciated by the audience who clapped loudly and cheered at the end of every piece. Well done and a big thank you from me for all your hard work and continued effort. (Trish’s husband Ron managed to get an audio recording of your performance last Friday which I’ll be uploading to the website under “gallery.”)

We continue to grow in size and strength as a choir and that is incredibly satisfying and uplifting all round. I’ve had numerous messages, emails, phone calls from people who attended the concert on Friday, saying in essence “congratulations, you were superb.” I’ll second that! Onwards and upwards as I like to keep saying. There was one day of respite before we were up bright and early to sing at 9.30 mass as it was the third Sunday of the month and therefore “our turn.” Another musical triumph with the congregation and Father Simon clearly enjoying your singing: after mass Father Simon told me, once again, that it was so uplifting and joyous to hear the choir singing at mass so beautifully. Amen to that. I’m very encouraged by your enthusiasm, your dedication and the sheer hard work you put in – it’s fantastic. We’ll take a break from the Thursday evening rehearsals for a couple of months during the cold, winter nights but will continue to meet on Sundays after 9.30 mass in the Westlake Room to run through our liturgical repertoire and prepare for new hymns and choral arrangements to be sung at mass. I’ve had some great suggestions for additional material to add to our repertoire which I am always grateful for – keep those ideas coming and above all, keep up the wonderful singing. Thank you again, I feel truly blessed to be leading such a fabulous group!