Harmonising together

Hello again and I’m looking forward to seeing – and hearing – you all again on Sunday. I know you’ve been practising really hard and have been singing some great harmonies! I can’t wait to hear such great singers making such a great sound once again. I missed you all of course as I was away at my course last weekend. Here’s the order of what we’ll be singing on Sunday as per the outcome of last weekend’s rehearsal.
Shine, Jesus Shine (with claps after ‘shine on me’ in the bridge.)
Praise Him, Praise Him (verse 4 sung softly)
Make Me a Channel of Your Peace (4 verses, ladies sing chorus in unison)
Be Still for the Presence of the Lord (verse 1 in unison, verses 2&3 sopranos sing the melody and altos, tenors and basses sing harmonies.)
Sing it in the Valleys (verses sung calmly then chorus is lively.)

Thank you once again for all your hard work and commitment – a very special thank you to Alex for holding the fort while I was away.

See you on Sunday for the warm-up and run-through at 8.45!