Hallelujah and Praise the Lord!

Just two of the wonderful pieces we practised at rehearsal last night.  There was a fantastic turn-out, (thank you all) and it was especially good to hear the tenor and bass section in top form (though we did miss you Phil aarrrghhh!)  We did some more work on the Hallelujah which is sounding lovely – I realised I would have to go back to the drawing board and re-arrange those harmonies as my hasty effort that same afternoon didn’t quite work melodically (sorry folks!)  The good news is I have made it my priority today and doggedly worked to (a) rewrite individual harmonies for the chorus and, just in case we don’t like the sound of it, I’ve transposed the original SATB arrangement I had into F (the Alexandra Burke arrangement we used last night) and we can work from that if needs be.   One thing I do know is: it’s going to sound great!

We had a good run-through of the hymns and songs we’ll be singing on Sunday at 9.30 mass.  So for those of you who have your choir folders at home, please ensure your music is in the following order for Sunday:

Shine Jesus Shine, Halle Halle Halle, Praise the Lord, Cantate Dominum, Sing it in the Valleys.

See you all nice and early at 8.45 for the warm-up and then we’ll have another run-through before mass starts. You’re sounding really great, keep up the good work folks!