What a great sound the choir was making at Sunday’s rehearsal! It was good to see so many of you there and in such good spirits, ready to sing your hearts out. We went through all the hymns and other pieces we’ll be singing next Sunday at 9.30 mass and you showed this conductor, just what you are capable of! Amazing sound, I can’t wait to hear you all at next Sunday’s service. It’s a joy to see how fantastically well you are all doing, particularly at holding your lines when we’re singing in a round. Really good listening skills from everyone at rehearsals tweaking some of the entries and cut-offs in one or two of they hymns we’ll be singing. “Pleased as Punch” is how I’d describe it at the end of our choir practice on Sunday. Onwards and upwards folks – you’re doing superbly! Here’s the Cantate Domino for you to enjoy: