Sing Hosana for the summer is here!

Choir’s last mass before breaking up for the summer. A few of our singers had already gone on their holidays so although numbers were down we had a really good group of singers, ready to warm up and run-through early in the morning!
This conductor was a bit tired and distracted after a difficult couple of days (many of you know about the recent loss of a dear friend of David’s, whose funeral we attended on Friday afternoon in the West Country.) Anyhow you were all superb, singing through a set of familiar hymns and even coping well with the last-minute addition of the “Holy Holy” and “Mystery of faith” which George had suggested we sing and he kindly photocopied scores for us. With great support from the Matthews family the good, choral ship was steered into safe waters! A special thank-you to a few of you: Tenor Phil for having the initiative and willingness to help out in setting up all the microphones and sound-desk as well as taking care of my music stand (very thoughtful.) Super soprano Frances for jolting me out of a reverie and reminding me it was time to sing the Gloria! Alex, our accomplished pianist, was an absolute trouper helping to guide the singers through that tricky, five-beat rest in the middle of the verses in “Here I am Lord.” By the end of the mass, the congregation were clapping along with us to “Walk in the Light” like the best of them! Thanks for all your hard work these few months everyone, I’ve really been putting you through your paces – enjoy your much-deserved summer break and we’ll see you all at the start of the new “term” in September.