O Holy Night

Hello friends,

it was good to see so many of you on Sunday – some great singing of the new hymns looking ahead to 20th December 9.30 mass.  Also we got a chance to go through the Christmas repertoire all together.  It’s sounding good.

I came across this performance of O Holy Night by an Italian, male-voice choir, they’re singing the same arrangement that we have, though the verses are sung by a soloist (unlike us.)  Have a listen to it if you get a chance, simply as an example of what I was saying about the dynamic shading we worked on last Sunday. They do it beautifully here – and you can also do it too!

You were all so keen to sing the Christmas Sanctus that I’ve handed out extra copies of the music and we went through it in detail.  All sounding good, despite the missing male harmonies in two of the sections!

I very much hope to see as many of you as possible on Thursday for our dress rehearsal (soloists and extra singers will be coming to that too.) You don’t have to wear your posh outfits or anything on Thursday by the way! We’ll stick to the black and red accessories that works so well for the night of the concert by the way.

That’s all for now, see you on Thursday (and Sunday after mass.)