“I wanna sing, sing, sing!”

Hello friends,

it was great to see you on Sunday and also to welcome two new singers to our group, Fernando who’ll join the male section and Isabel Smith who will join the soprano section (she can only make the Thursday evening rehearsals by the way.)  I know you will make them feel very welcome.
A reminder that we’ll be meeting in the Lady Chapel on Thursday at 8.15 for our next choir practice.  In the final two weeks before we sing at the Faith In Action concert on 13th March it would be great if as many of you as possible could attend rehearsals Sundays and/or Thursday evenings.  If you can’t for whatever reason do please try and go through the songs we’ll be performing in your own time? If you need mp3 parts or any help just let me know asap.  Here’s the set that we’re singing for the 13th March concert in this order:
  1. California Dreaming
  2. Make you feel my love – soloist: Sandra Dunn.
  3. Walking in the Air – soloists: Niamh Watson, Phil Wells and Sandra Dunn.
  4. Patience – soloists: Paul Tooke and Phil Wells.
  5. Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word – duet sung by Phil Wells and Sandra Dunn.
  6. Gospel Medley

Here’s a provisional list of hymns I’ve put together for the 4th Sunday of Lent (15 March) largely based on the suggested hymns at the back of the hymnal.  We’re also learning new material in preparation for Easter Sunday.

  1. Processional – Gather us In (253)
  2. Psalm 136 (We started learing this on Sunday, I’ll bring more copies on Thursday for those of you who weren’t there.)
  3. Offertory – Here I am Lord (285)
  4. Communion – Come to the Water (Martha solo, Trish, Jola alto harmonies.) Female voices could learn it too if you wish and sing together.)
  5. Communion  – Praise the Lord, oh my soul (Marvellous, marvellous.)
  6. (Second collection if required?) Be Light for Our Eyes (120) (We made a good start on this and learnt the chorus on Sunday. Work in progress!  This one will probably be sung on Easter Sunday.)
  7. Recessional – Shine, Jesus Shine (388)

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.  Have a great week!