Review of Epsom Civic Society Concert on 17th Octobe


“A delightful evening” was the general consensus on the 2014 supper party held on Friday 17th October in St. Joseph’s Church Hall. Eighty-one members, friends and family were joined by the Mayor, Councillor Robert Foote, and his wife, Rosemary – both ECS members. [….]  2cf4d0d0-27b6-463c-8f77-5e60f9c0e220However the highlight of the event was the St. Joseph’s Family Choir, conducted by Helen Wade and accompanied on the piano by Alex Watson. The thirteen in the choir had a varied repertoire from Bob Dylan to Bizet finishing up with Paddy on the Railway. Their soloists, Sandra Dunn, Amanda Mathers, Paul Tooke and Phil Wells were joined by guest artists Amelya Goldy (soprano) and a name for the future, Amelya’s pupil Elspeth Marrow (mezzo-soprano) – what amazing musical talent lurks around Epsom!
Sheila Wadsworth