Alleluia, Easter is here!

We’ve been working so hard for the last month almost on the Easter Sunday repertoire that it feels like Easter is already here, even though it’s almost two weeks away still.  The last few rehearsals have felt a bit of an uphill slog for the singers who’ve had an enormous amount of music, harmonies, tunes, rhythms to learn. You’ve coped admirably and I’m really pleased and proud of your efforts.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed you won’t have forgotten it all by the time Easter Sunday comes round.  You’ve also had to cope with a reserve-to-the-reserve pianist (Aaron) who’s kindly agreed to accompany our choir as Alex is on a family break in France as is his usual replacement, Patrick.(who’s in Spain, not France!) Thursday evening rehearsals are now back in full swing for our non-liturgical repertoire and we’re looking forward particularly to our first “gig” in mid October (when we can choose to sing what we like.)  Arrangements of some pop classics are already going down a storm at choir practice and we’re open to ideas, suggestions as to what you’d all like to sing.  Do please come forward if you’d like to perform a solo or duet or ensemble piece at the October concert.  It’ll be a great opportunity to shine and have fun, as always!