New Year’s welcome!

Hello and a Happy New Year to you all. I hope you’ve enjoyed your Christmas break. We restart choir rehearsals on Thursday 9th January in the Lady Chapel at 8.15 as we look ahead to our next performance at the Faith in Action concert on 17th January. All material that we know already – here’s what we’ll be performing so you can dust those scores down and refresh your vocal chords with those tunes!

Rule The World
Paddy on the Railway (tiggery-oo-ry-oo-ry-ay!)
Praise the Lord, oh my soul
Over my Head (a cappella)

I’m really looking forward to seeing you all again. Some of Claire Steele’s singers, whom I invited to join us for this concert, will be coming along on Thursday to rehearse with us. It will be a great bunch of voices from our vibrant, little community making beautiful music once again.

Very best wishes.