Tricky descants and all that

Thanks to those of you who wanted to continue practising this week (even though we’d decided to meet fortnightly after the half-term break.)  The run-up to the festive season is always busy and our ambitious programme of carols for the performance at Epsom town centre and the St Joseph’s Carol Service means that the more we practise the better we’ll sound!  We really cemented some of those tricky bits of the descant in “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” (great work ladies and special praise to Paul one of our top tenors who held his line and his section on his own throughout the entire rehearsal, no matter which piece we were doing!)  We also sorted out the ending (new arrangement by H. Wade) of the Hallelujah and it’s working fine and everyone picked it up really quickly.  Next we ran through “O, Holy Night” and I talked the singers through the geography of this arrangement that we’ve chosen (in favour of the slightly longer and more complicated Rutter arrangement that I initially had in mind.)  A good rendition of “My LIfe is in Your Hands” which we’ll sing at mass on Sunday rounded off the evening.  Quick parish notice: please ensure your choir folders are in order for Sunday (see list below) and that you’ve got the new version of “My Life is in Your Hands” which has been reprinted as page 2 was missing!  Please ask me for your copy.  I have also signed you up to the email updates from this blog so that any updates automatically land in your email inbox.  Onwards and upwards everyone! See you on Sunday at 08.45 for the warm-up and run-through.

Children of God (864) – processional

Gloria, gloria, in excelsis Deo (408) (clapping)

Gospel acclamation: Alleluia, alleluia

My Life is in Your Hands (new arrangement) offertory

Laudate Dominum (346)

Praise the Lord, oh my soul (new arrangement) second collection

Walk in the Light (914) recessional