Back to choir practice with Branston Pickle and reindeer

Welcome back everyone it was so good to see so many of you this morning at choir practice. You were all certainly refreshed and invigorated after the summer break. The “mental alertness” (or brain-ache whichever you prefer) round I started with didn’t faze you at all, which showed me that you were all wide awake and ready to sing. “Woodchuk would if a woodchuk could if a woodchuck could chuck wood!” (Try saying that in a hurry?) It was a joy to hear you learn a new Taize round “Cantate Domino Canticum Novum” so quickly. After a few “I sing, you sing” demos I was able to put you into parts and off we went. Fanstastic effort, we’ll be ready to sing that at mass on 22nd September. This month is a slight anomaly in that we’re singing on the fourth Sunday as there’s a school-led mass on the third Sunday. We even had time to finish off on that rumbustious, traditional reindeer song, “Holl-ei, lei loy-la” which got everyone moving fast. There’s no Thursday rehearsal this week as the hall is not available, so the next time we meet will be on Saturday 14th September for the one-day choral workshop which starts at 10am. I’m so excited, it’s going to be absolutely superb I guarantee it and I know how much you’ll all get out of it. Thanks for your continued support and great efforts. You’re sounding really good! Now, where have all those reindeer gone….?

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