Warming up fast

After a short break over half-term it was great to see our singers raring to go at rehearsal on Sunday. While I got the music stand and choir folders from the cupboard they’d already started warming up by singing through some of the parts of the pieces we’ll be performing at the summer fair. Great to see so many enthusiastic smiles! We’re looking ahead to the next children’s mass on 23rd June and ran through some of the hymns we’ll be singing then. There were some lively vocals and a really good effort when we tackled “Laudate Dominum.” Once again we got through it from start to finish with the solo lines over the top of the ostinato (and all in key and tempo which was fab.) We’ll keep on fine-tuning a couple of things but should be ready to sing this at children’s mass in July! Really chuffed with the great progress everyone’s making, thanks for all your hard work and dedication.