Another great performance at mass

Thanks to everyone who came along to sing at 9.30 mass on Pentecost Sunday. Despite the difficulties in getting the microphones to work (a failure which shall not happen again I can assure you) the choir’s spirited singing was heard loud and clear by the congregation. Lots of positive feedback afterwards too from parishioners. Well done everybody. Thanks to Nina for holding up the big placard with the words of the clapping Gloria (so that you could all clap without your choir folders!) and also to our chaps who valiantly struggled with cables and leads to sort out the microphones while I tried to do the warm-up. Really appreciated all your efforts. Our next Sunday rehearsal will be on 2nd June after the half-term break. Keep practising your notes everyone and look forward to seeing many of you soon.  By the way we are still meeting up to rehearse our other repertoire on Thursday 23rd May at 8.15 (we won’t be rehearsing at all the week of half-term break.)