Ready for another Sunday’s singing

A really upbeat rehearsal on Sunday going through our hymns for next week’s Pentecost service at 9.30 mass.  Because Alex couldn’t make it (busy with his daughter’s First Holy Communion, a perfectly understandable reason) George Matthews volunteered to play for us.  The singers gave it their all and were blasting out some lovely notes (we even had one of the parishioners popping her head round the door asking “please may I stay to listen to your singing?”)  We then had a crack at Laudate Dominun which we’re still practising for another date (not next Sunday) with our two superb soloists Frances and Phil.  With a little tweak bringing in the ostinato more often in between solo lines, it’s going to sound superb, I’m sure of it.  We sang through Laudate (chant and solo verses together) in the same key which, as George pointed out, “is no mean feat.”  We rounded off with another spirited rendition of the clapping Gloria, and managed to sing through it despite George’s playful, little piano riffs throughout (let’s try to stick to the score when you’re accompanying in future eh George?)  We’ll be ready to go for Sunday – meeting up at 8.50 for warm up and quick run-through in church before the service starts.  One small plea to those who weren’t there: please can you ensure your hymn folders are in order for Sunday as follows:

  1. Children of God
  2. Clapping Gloria
  3. Halle halle halle
  4. All that I am
  5. Be Still for the Presence of the Lord
  6. Walk in the Light