Thursday nights are the new rock and roll

A group of choir members met up at Alex’s house for a few drinks, nibbles and some chit chat on Thursday evening.  It was the first of our new weeknight rehearsals and it was great to see the enthusiasm of those who attended.   A beautiful setting always helps of course as did the warm hospitality of our hosts.  I handed out some of the scores I’d been preparing for the choir, a veritable smorgasbord of choral favourites (well, mine anyway – ha!) which I would love to hear the choir sing at a concert or festival.  After a fun warm-up we gathered round “the old Joanna” and had a sing-song through some of the scores.  A valiant effort particularly for those who don’t sight-read.  The Les Mis medley in particular I think is a bit too challenging at the moment and realistically I don’t think there’s much chance of us nailing it in time for the summer fair.  Back to the drawing board on the repertoire front me thinks, though I believe the finale number “Sing” is perfectly achievable.  There were some really good laughs, particularly when we were singing rounds and learning about some of the conductor’s gestures!  It was a great chance to get to know each other a  bit better and I think Thursday evening rehearsals for the “other repertoire” as I call it, will do wonders for the social cohesiveness of the choir.  All the extra singing will come in handy too.  Now, where was that score for the Lion King number?