Onwards and upwards!

What a great performance by all who sang at the Passion Sunday mass! All the singers’ hard work really paid off. A special mention to our superb tenor, Phil Wells, who absolutely nailed that psalmChoirPhotoforBlogPost and had put in a lot of effort and dedication into his first solo performance with the choir. We’ll be hearing a lot more from him in future I’m sure. On reflection I don’t feel I can subject my singers to endless rounds of “Dona Nobis Pacem” during communion as it’s such a busy service at 9.30 that there’s an awful lot of time to fill. They did well to keep going on and on…. Might just plump for two communion hymns next time. Sterling efforts from our cheerful and ever-helpful accompanist, Alex too. Great reinforcements from the Matthews clan, whose talents know no bounds. The congregation loved the singing and there were quite a few who came up to me and other choir members afterwards to say how much they’d enjoyed hearing the St Joseph’s Family Choir. One or two even asked if they could join us: “of course you can” came the eager reply of this choir leader! Special stickers and some chocolate eggs for all the young singers and their siblings of course – it’s a real family effort and the choir couldn’t exist without the goodwill and dedication of the families in it. Thank you all and good luck for Easter Sunday’s mass – George will look after you well, I’m certain of it.

Here’s one I’ve got up my sleeve for you all sometime in May. Have a listen and let me know what you think (just the first one “Laudate Dominum.”) Individual parts are posted in rehearsal aids by the way if you’re keen to have a go.  I’ll be handing out copies of the music at the next rehearsal.  Any volunteers for the soprano and tenor lines over the top of that Taize chant?