Ostinato and concerts

Lovely and lively rehearsal this morning with great, gutsy singing. Started teaching Laudate Dominum’s ostinato chant which was picked up really quickly by all sections. I was asked “what does ostinato mean?” It comes from the Italian word for stubborn or obstinate and it’s a musical or choral phrase that’s repeatedly played or sung underneath the melody line or solo parts – it can contain variations, it’s not necessarily the same notes repeated over and over again. We’ll be cracking the back of Laudate Dominum sooner than I thought if you all carry on singing like this, well done! Also great excitement at the choir’s first concert performance (outside church) which will be at this year’s St Joseph’s School summer fair on 7th July. A few singers stayed behind at the end and I gave them a sneak peek at the scores which we’ll be rehearsing for the summer concert. Big smiles and enthusiasm by all and Alex started twinkling on the ivories as soon as he got his hands on some of that music. It’s going to be such fun, I promise you. We’re going to blow the audience away (that’s my aim.) Now all we have to do is get our heads together (over a few drinks and nibbles) to fine-tune our week night rehearsal schedule going forward. Fantastic effort from all the singers, thank you again.